Cooks Tour 2019 Lunch Menu

Cook’s Tour at the Moorestown Field Club Menu



$15.00 Inclusive (tax included)

Hydration Station & Dessert is Included



  • Signature Foodwerx FUNKY Salad – Mixed Greens, Maytag Bleu Cheese, Candied Pecans, Strawberries & Blueberries, Confetti Peppers & Scallions with Low-Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette (GF)
  • Trending……Kale Parmesan Caesar with Romaine, Baby Kale, Crumbled Hard Boiled Eggs, Halved Grape Tomatoes, Yellow Peppers, Chards of Parmesan Romano & Sunflower Seeds (for crunch) served with a Zesty Lemon Caesar Dressing (GF)
    • ADD: Marinated Grilled Vegetables or Grilled Chicken Breast


served with House made Potato Chips OR FIELDS of Green Salad

  • Grilled Vegetables, Buffalo Mozzarella, Romaine Lettuce & Balsamic Fig Jam in a Wrap (on a Gluten Free Wrap GF)
  • The CLUB CLUB – Roasted Turkey, Extra Smoked Bacon, Avocado, Roma Tomato, Lettuce and Hellman’s Mayo
  • Traditional BLT – Extra Crispy Bacon, Roma Tomato & Green leaf Lettuce with a schmear of Hellman’s Mayonnaise on Toasted Rye
  • Half Sandwich (Bread) & Soup

Hot Sandwiches

served with French Fries OR Fields of Green Salad

All American with American Cheese, Red Onion, Romaine and Roma Tomatoes

  • Bacon Cheeseburger with Swiss Cheese, Grilled Onions, Sliced Tomatoes & Green Leaf
  • Chicken Cheese Steak
  • Open Faced Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Chutney
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